Kora Journey

Natasha has a keen interest in West African music, especially the kora. Her journey on the kora began with lessons from the West African music professor Lucy Durán at SOAS, and later from Kadialy Kouyaté and Rudy Greene, before meeting Josh Doughty who has taught her kora since 2019. Natasha has been on several kora retreats to Kafountine in Senegal, Widensolen in East France and Mas de Jammes near Toulouse. On these workshops, Natasha studied traditional kora repertoire, and met legendary ‘Jali Ke’ Pa Bobo Jobateh who has continued to teach Natasha traditional kora pieces and songs in Mandinka. Natasha will return to kora workshops in France in 2024 and Senegal in 2025.

Alla la ke


Elyne Road

Natasha has completed work for a local organisation called The Flametree Collective, who are passionate about educating kids and adults about black history. She has played three pieces for the organisation for use on the online classes, podcasts and videos.